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New Metal Roofing Projects in Muskoka with Barr’s Roofing

What does a new custom home, cottage or boathouse need to finish off the fantastic design and architecture, in Muskoka, Ontario? These new projects needed a new 26g Standing Seam Metal Roofing installation, to preserve the property for decades to come, standing up to the rigours of Ontario’s northern weather and looking stunning in this […]

Leaky Roof? To Fix or Replace, THAT is a good Question!

Mother Nature is certainly hard on the exterior surfaces of our homes-cottages-buildings, and we receive many calls after heavy rains and high winds requesting repairs to old roofing-siding-gutters. In many cases, the typical issue is that people may have ignored the expense of replacing these exterior elements as roofing-siding until the leaks or blow-offs occur […]

SNO GEMS: A great Metal Roofing accessory for Real Canadian Winters

What is a SNO GEM? A translucent polycarbonate shield for retaining snow on a standing seam metal roofing system, Sno Gems have one job: to keep that snow from sliding down your metal roof and landing in what might be a large and potentially dangerous pile on the surface below. Ice and snow can melt […]

Beat the Weather with Better Roofing: Because it’s not getting any better…

Everyone agrees the storms we are experiencing now in Ontario are increasing in frequency and severity, and it’s not expected to improve in the future. Strong winds over 120km/hour were reported in the windstorm here recently, leading to thousands of people with roofing problems, missing shingles, and tree damage to their property. What can be […]