Leaky Roof? Siding blown off in a wind storm?

Mother Nature is certainly hard on the exterior surfaces of our homes-cottages-buildings, and we receive many calls after heavy rains and high winds requesting repairs to old roofing-siding-gutters. In many cases, the typical issue is that people may have ignored the expense of replacing these exterior elements as roofing-siding until the leaks or blow-offs occur from old worn products, or the old siding finally gives way.

Our Roofing Repair Policy:
Due to previously booked contractual obligations pending for the specific time of the year & locations, repairs on installations performed by other parties that are over 10yrs old, just can’t be our priority. It is our policy to not attempt roofing-siding-gutter repair projects for products installed by other firms and are over 10 years ago.

When it’s time, for an exterior renovation and replacement, it’s time; there is no benefit to taking on a repair of older or worn out installations or in avoiding the reality. When its time for new and establishing the cost of replacement; for example, a call for leaking roof repairs on shingles 15-20yrs old defines only one thing – replace the roof not repair; we will not act on a call for repair to old products that are worn out, as we may only become the bad guys if and when another leak occurs.

We sincerely appreciate all the referrals and calls, for new & retrofit installations of roof-siding-gutters replacements.
That’s our business for installations of new and retrofit projects;
We appreciate all inquiries for Residential-Cottage and Specialty Commercial Roofing-Siding-Gutter projects for BARR’S Roofing Siding, & Sheet Metal Ltd.

As we all are experiencing, our weather appears to be changing drastically in the past 5-7years by proof of the greater frequency of ice storms and wind storms, and, spring-summer-fall is the time of the year we receive a very high volume of calls & emails for future installations, and unfortunately many, many calls for repairs.
As for Repairs, We simply can’t find the time for most of them, due to our previous contractual obligations.
As we plan our work for the year, our scheduled contractual obligations of projects come first and must be completed on time as weather permits; fortunately, repairs from our installations are minimal to zero.

We do our very best to reply as quickly as possible to any of our customer inquiries, and a reply may follow the same day, or, typically a reply in 48+hrs, but we can’t be everywhere at one time, so it is always best to request a quote through email: [email protected], or through our website at

Call us for inquiries on Repairs on our Main Line at 905 987 1445, or, 1 800 987 1445, x 105. or email: [email protected]

On any past BARR’s project, We will always be attentive If the occasion or call arises regarding an issue

Our Workmanship Warranty
On Our Shingles & Siding & Gutters installations, we provide a 10-year Labour& Workmanship Warranty and materials warranty per manufacturer ratings as stated on our quotes. Manufacturers have their own separate product guarantees and ratings.

On BARR’S installations, We will recommend what we feel to be the best materials who support BARR’S to work for your particular home-cottage-building, that will be the longest lasting and the best barrier to Mother Nature’s wrath for what your financial budget allows, and always use our own qualified and experienced installers.

An example of what we feel to be the best slope roofing practice;
The Ontario Building Code defines 1 roof vent for every 500 sqft of flat attic area defining in some cases only 5 vents on the typical residential home-cottage-building;
BUT, our shingle manufactures recommends 1 roof vent for every 300sqft of ROOF SLOPE AREA defining, instead of 5 vents, you should have the minimum of 10 SLANT BACK METAL ATTIC VENTS;…..10 certainly ventilates better than 5 thus the collar the attic the longer the roof product performs.

With 32 years in the Roofing, Siding and Sheet Metal industry in Ontario, we believe our team has learned-conquered-survived to offer a high level of customer service and an equally high level of quality materials with our installations.