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Beat the Weather with Better Roofing: Because it’s not getting any better…

Beat the Weather with Better Roofing: Because it’s not getting any better…

Everyone agrees the storms we are experiencing now in Ontario are increasing in frequency and severity, and it’s not expected to improve in the future. Strong winds over 120km/hour were reported in the windstorm here recently, leading to thousands of people with roofing problems, missing shingles, and tree damage to their property.

What can be done to make sure your roof is ready for the change in weather for the future? If your shingles are already on the older side, it’s time for an inspection and consider having them replaced with more durable products.

When you’re researching products and suppliers, make sure you read the warranty on your purchase, as you would with any major home renovation and investment. Shingle manufacturers warranty the product for failure under a specific set of circumstances, for a limited time. More or less of every shingle manufacture has had a defectively manufactured product of some type to deal with.

Installers warranty workmanship of their team, and as they do not manufacture the product, if a shingle should fail, the manufacturer is the place to look to for answers.

New products to consider based on this crazy weather include a more durable, wind and weather-resistant shingle, or, a metal roofing system. Many homeowners need to adjust from the least expensive route for the most important expense of their house, which is, the ROOF.

Following a major wind event, many of the calls we receive are from traditional 3 tab shingles as 20yr and 25yr shingles.

Consider upgrading to ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLES which are a few dollars more. Applications of the “ARCHITECTURAL APPEARANCE” shingles are rated for greater wind resistance and performance.

Canadian Manufactures we recommend:
– Building Products of Canada (BP)
– BP Mystique, and, BP Everest, are both high wind 180km/h limited lifetime shingles
– BP Manoir are heavier and more expensive of same manufacture ratings of same wind rating but in our opinion are superior for long-term performance.

American Manufacturers we recommend:
– CertainTeed Landmark
– CertainTeed Highland Slate Limited Lifetime High Wind Rated 180km/hr


Living on the shores of Lake Ontario, we use the CertainTeed Highland Slate shingles, where the wind really blows.

Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roof systems of concealed fastener products, although typically double the price of fibreglass shingles, as Standing Seam 26ga material or the greater expense of Steel Shingles 29gaHt, are great products but, more expensive concealed fastener products with some typical of 225km/h wind resistance and truly, a lifetime roof system and maintenance free.
What should you choose?

For shingle installations, over the past 12-14 yrs, we have learned from weather changes and for fibreglass shingles we only quote Limited Lifetime High Wind Rated 180 km/hr Shingles but strongly promote Standing Seam 26ga metal or Steel Shingles 29gaHt as we feel, metal is the best in today’s age, as most homeowners of today, appear to prefer long-term durability and the least amunt of maintenance that’s possible.