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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our Custom Roll Forming Machine - Saving you Money, AND Time.

The skilled team at Barr’s operates a time and money saving Roll Forming Machine, making calculated cuts that prevent loss of materials for your project, all on site. 

Custom Fascia Panels

Contemporary design calls for custom sheet metal work, as in this GTA exterior retrofit. The custom fascia sets this property apart with it’s sleek, modern application of sheet metal, designed to enhance and also blend with the home’s overall concept of updated craftsman in old Toronto.

Custom Fabricated 26ga Metal Fascia Panels in the color of Charcoal. 


Barr’s Roofing and Siding & Sheet Metal is amongst a scant few contractors in Ontario with the skill and the technology of today to create custom fabrications for your residential or commercial projects.

Our quality solutions stand out in the crowd, as we employ our computerized SCHECHTL Powerbreak and TENNSMITH shear systems. Our clients have come to rely on us to bring their ideas from plans to completion.

Our on-site facility allows us to focus on the needs of our customers so that we can offer the best custom residential & commercial sheet metal fabrication solutions available, saving our clients time, money and the ability to avoid an excess of scrap metals, reducing building materials and waste.

Ask the question, as we may be able to bring your concept to life…

  • Historical Roof Restoration & Fabrications
  • Historical Rainwater Restoration & Fabrications
  • Custom Builds
  • Interior Wall & Ceiling Liners for Garage & Wash Bays & Barns & Shops
  • Galvanized Z Bars & U Bars
  • Flat Roof Flashings & Slope Roof Flashings & Wall Flashings

Custom Downspouts

When you’re looking for a unique solution to enhance your new home build or renovation with custom downpipes, Barr’s will work with your to custom fabricate the best additions to your property, residential or commercial. 

Shown here, custom insulated downspouts and square downspouts. 

Custom Box Gutters

The sleek look of your new metal roofing installation and renovation or custom build can be a sleek design with the addition of Custom Box Gutters. Fabricated to simply ‘disappear’ in the area of regular eaves, they blend in perfectly with your choice of metal roofing colour for a sophisticated finish. 

This project: The client chose to blend both Graphite and Galvalume on their new install, blending seamlessly and playing tricks with the light.