Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Barr’s Roofing and Siding & Sheet Metal is amongst a scant few contractors in Ontario with the skill and the technology of today to create custom fabrications for your residential or commercial projects. Our quality solutions stand out in the crowd, as we employ our computerized SCHECHTL Powerbreak and TENNSMITH shear systems. Our clients have come to rely on us to bring their ideas from plans to completion.

Our on-site facility allows us to focus on the needs of our customers so that we can offer the best custom sheet metal fabrication solutions available.

Aluminum Soffits

  • Fascia
  • Eavestroughs
  • Downpipes

Metal Soffits

  • Fascia
  • Eavestroughs
  • Downpipes

Custom Fabricated Eavestrough

  • Gutters
  • Inlaid Gutter Systems
  • Downpipes

Custom Fabricated:

  • Chimney Caps
  • Turrets
  • Cupolas
  • Towers
  • Finials

Historical Restoration -–Reproduction
Custom Metal Exterior Décor products

  • Lighthouses
  • Conductor heads
  • Verandahs
  • Porch headers
  • Vertical post cladding

– Custom Fabricated Metal, Copper, and Zinc Products
– PRO GUARD Gutter Guards
– Custom Fabricated Claddings
– Landscape and parking bollards