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Flat Roofing &
Terrace Systems

From planning to completion, the expert team at Barr’s Roofing works with clients to achieve the highest quality results for residential and flat roofing projects.

Many factors play into the construction of this key element of any property, ultimately ensuring the protection and safety of all. Durability and water resistance start with the best materials and supplies, as well as ensuring strict adherence to the installation guidelines of each manufacturer for temperature and all climate conditions.


  • Firestone – Up to 20yr Red Shield Warranty Flat Roof Systems of TPO-60mil or EPDM-60mil Membrane
  • Firestone – Up to 30yr Platinum Warranty Flat Roof Systems of TPO-80mil or EPDM-90mil Membrane
  • Sika Sarnafil – Up to 20y + 30yr Sikaplan or S327/G410 Membrane
  • Speciality Roof Membrane Designs & Details
  • Sloped & Tapered Insulation Systems
  • Residential + Commercial – Ice & Water Shield Barriers + Air Barriers
  • Residential + Commercial – Flat Roof Inlaid Gutter for Rainwater Control