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Bring the light IN with new skylights when planning your roofing renovation and replacement, or custom new build.

Adding new skylights to your renovation brings in an entirely new atmosphere to your home, and choosing from fixed or operational new skylights can give you the option of adding shades, or automatic and remote operation for fresh air! With new energy saving glass, skylights now offer enhanced systems for remaining water and weather tight, and exceptional manufacturing for Residential and Commercial projects. Our Barr’s team will recommend the optimal location for new skylights and the best quality materials to bring your project to the highest standard.

New windows will improve your renovation’s energy savings and give the home the facelift it needs to stay current with today’s new trends. We install Pre-painted and Fibreglass Door systems to complete your exterior home renovations. We have seen some outstanding results working with clients to choose beautifully made custom windows and doors, from planning to completion.