Is the business open in the winter months?

The crew at BARR’s works all year -round, weather permitting. Weather may or may not be a factor, depending on the type of installation and the standards or guidelines for quality installation of each product.


How long will a metal roof last?

The paint on metal roofing systems will perform for 40 years as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, and the metal itself will perform for another 40 years.


Who manufactures a fibreglass shingle that will last?

All of our suppliers and manufacturers supply a very long-lasting product. What actually makes a shingle roof fail is lack of attic ventilation to keep the roof cool.


Should we have ice and water shield at eaves and valleys?

Definitely yes, it’s the least expensive safeguard you could ever purchase of a product against the elements.


What if I have an Asbestos roof or siding?

We take a sample and have this thoroughly analyzed to determine if it’s less than 7% that we can remove safely, or if greater than 7%, we employ a qualified and licensed asbestos abatement firm.


What Type of Siding is best for residential; aluminum or vinyl ?

Vinyl is best as the product is very durable. Typically, the manufactures offers a material warranty on vinyl siding up to 50 yrs. Aluminum Siding, is very thin and dents easily, and the paint performance is poor as the paint chalks/fades by the rapid natural oxidation process of aluminum siding.

More expensive yet very durable, siding products, are Fibre Cement Board Siding, or Prefinished Engineered Wood Siding Products, or Roasted Wood Siding Products.