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Our History

What makes a successful business? Same as it always has, a lot of hard work, some challenging times, a strong spirit and a wealth of experience, some bravery and a whole lot of teamwork.

David Barr looks back on what his efforts have brought to the family since he took his newly-formed company on the road in 1987 and is extremely proud of what they have all accomplished together. David Barr started out as a young Man on a Mission in 1969, to earn an honest living and learn the trade in construction and architecture from the ground up.

David’s first few years venturing out into the world found him pounding the proverbial pavement to find work, and he briefly entertained a career in architecture, then eventually landing a job as an Sheet Metal Worker in the Toronto area. With a sincere desire to learn the ropes, he apprenticed, then signed on with a major roofing and sheet metal establishment for several years and continued honing his skills. David was very successful in this work, making his way through to larger and larger companies, and was on the precipice of taking on another major role on the Skydome project in the Toronto area when…he had a new idea. David had a change of plans that made more sense for his entire family, and took his Toronto experience along with him. A dream, maybe, but worth the risk, yes.

In 1987, David and his wife Nancy opened their very own roofing and sheet metal business, now easily recognized and well-known as BARR’s Roofing, Siding and Sheet Metal Ltd., operating in the Durham Region and surrounding areas. With David estimating and installing, Nancy taking care of the day-to-day office responsibilities, along with new additions Corey and Greg installing on job sites, BARR’s quickly became a very respected entity in the local roofing industry, growing operations and expanding to work across Ontario.

Rewind to 1987… Corey Barr, David’s son, was just leaving high school and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps to join the new family enterprise. At that time, they made the fortuitous decision to bring along BARR’s present-day Site Foreman, Greg Stapleton, to join the new company. Greg is a very valuable asset to the business; you could say that Greg is a ‘Staple’ of the BARR’s company, and a member of the family.

Fast forward to today…Corey Barr is now President of BARR’s, celebrating 35 years in business, and still growing strong. The landscape may have changed, but the company vision remains the same. Krista Barr, Corey’s wife, now runs the office and coordinates their ever-growing team of staff with Corey at the helm as Senior Estimator. Their son, Brolan, joined the family business full-time, when he graduated from High School in 2011, and has worked his way through the Ontario Sheet Metal Apprenticeship, and as of Decemeber 2015, Brolan is our newest licensed Sheet Metal Worker.

The entire team is proud to look back and showcase the completion of countless Commercial and Residential projects over the years, which have spanned across Ontario and withstood the harsh elements of Mother Nature. The work they do will continue to shelter families, other businesses and essential community institutions for many years yet. It’s not just about Roofing options, however. Siding and custom sheet-metal work, providing solutions to unique construction challenges, working with architects and engineers while providing top-quality products makes the business stand out from the crowd.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and when give your customers exceptional workmanship and materials, combined with a sincere desire to solve their dilemmas and bring their projects to reality at every opportunity, you have a great list of satisfied customers standing behind you. BARR’s looks ahead and will keep on helping each and every customer, one job at a time.

David Barr, Founder, left, and wife Nancy and David center.