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Sloped Roof Systems

Sno Gems Snow Guards - Snow Retention Systems

Prevent ice and snow from damaging and dangerous slides with Sno Gems, or snow rails. These tough polycarbonate additions will allow the ice and snow to melt away slowly, and can be added in coloured or clear to suite the aesthetic of your metal roofing installation. 

Ontario can experience some exceptionally high snow loads, that linger for months or for only days, and protecting your property from damaging ice and snow falls will be minimized with the addition of snow retention products.

Sno Gem® snow guard’s prismatic design was developed by architectural sheet metal professionals with over 100 combined years of on-the-roof experience.

Barr’s Roofing offers the best quality materials to incorporate into your new custom home build or exterior retrofit project across Ontario

Starting from the best products to insulate your home from any kind of weather, we seal and protect your property with ice and water shields, extra insulation where needed, and finish with outstanding standing seam roofing systems that ensure your home, cottage or commercial installation will stand out from the crowd and be good to go for decades to come.

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  • Metal – Roll Form Roof Systems & Wall Cladding Systems
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  • BARR’S Standing Seam Metal Roof & Wall – Concealed Fastener
  • Residential + Commercial – Ice & Water Shield Barriers + Air Barriers
  • Insulated Roof Systems


  • BC Western Red Cedar Shingles
  • Rheinzink and Copper Standing Seam + Batten Roof Systems
  • Slate and Man-Made Slate Roof & Wall Systems

Cascadia Metals,
Prepainted & Specialty Metals

That metal roof will stand out from the crowd with your selection of Cascadia Metals colours! From standard classics of grey and black to stunning reds, check out these options for your next metal roofing project.